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It all began in 2017
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On May 27-28, 2017, the Swim24 swimming marathon was held for the first time in Russia. As well as challenging 6-hour night swim.

It was attended by professional swimmers from Russia and neighboring countries, as well as representatives of the Para-athletics.

This start was a huge step in the development of marathon swimming in Russia and opened the opportunity for swimmers to make long swims not only in open water, but also within the pool.
On April 21-22, 2018 in St. Petersburg, on the basis of the Fitness 24 fitness club, the only 24-hour swimming marathon in Russia and the former Soviet Union SWIM24 was held for the second time.
The 24-hour swimming record for men belongs to Viktor Melnikov - 61 km (2018), among women – to Evgenia Nikolaeva - 50 km (2017).

Within the 24-hour swimming marathon SWIM24, a 6-hour night swim is held. The record of the competition belongs to the representative of Vyborg -
Valeriy Shkolin ( 25.3 km).
SWIM24 is carried out in accordance with the requirements and rules set by the organizers. Rules are based on international regulations and personal experience of the organizers. The organizers recommend to pay attention to a number of points that must be observed before the swim and during it. Therefore, we ask you to read carefully the instructions below.
7 steps for participation in the swim
1. Make sure that by the start date the level of your physical training is sufficient for successful overcoming the chosen distance. Communication with the organizers will help eliminate your doubts about this - write or call them (contact details are on the site).

2. Submit an application for participation by filling out the form on the website (menu item "Apply").

3. After approval of the application by the organizers pay the registration fee.

4. For non-resident participants - report the date of arrival in St. Petersburg 7 days before the swim, as well as, if necessary, request assistance with meeting, transfers and so on.

5. Arrive exactly at the appointed time with all the necessary equipment.

6. Start.

7. Finish.
Basic rules of SWIM24
. The swim is held in the categories of 24 hours and 6 hours of the night swim.

2. It is forbidden to use
- warming ointments
- audio headphones and other playing media;
- wetsuits, neoprene clothing items, and other assistive devices for swimming.

3. The mandatory requirements for admission of participants include the ability to swim well (2'45 "per 100m and faster), as well as the presence of a support team, whose responsibilities include providing the security of the participant, as well as other escort functions.

4. There may be stops near the side in the water for up to 1 minute, for more than 1 minute it is necessary to leave the water to avoid interference with other swimmers.

5. In order for the swim to be counted within the series, it is necessary to swim at least 40 km, or to be in the water for 60% of the total time limit (the rule is effective from 2019).

6. A swimmer (swimmers) must not receive help in the swimming pool from the outside.

7. A swimmer (swimmers) must have a valid medical certificate. This may be a certificate in the form of the organizers, signed by a doctor who must check all the health indicators specified in the form. A certificate, issued in the form of a medical institution with the obligatory specification "certificate for participation in swimming competition", is also applicable.

8. Consumption of any type of stimulants is completely prohibited before and during the swim. In such cases, the overcoming of the distance will not be counted. The use of food additives prepared beforehand by the athlete himself is allowed.

9. The insurance policy must cover the date of the swim.

10. A swimmer or at least one person from the team (or accompanying person) must speak Russian or English.

11. A swimmer (a team) and all accompanying personnel must have passports with them.
Responsibility of the parties
The organizers are not responsible for any incident or accident that may occur to the swimmer. The consequences of any accident will be covered by the insurance of a the participant. The organizers undertake a commitment to organize and control the overcoming of distance. The swimmer must complete the "Acceptance of responsibility" form, thereby committing to comply with the requirements and agreeing with the rules set by the organizers. Violation or failure to comply with such requirements may lead to a ban on the performance at the start or the reason for considering the result invalid.

All persons providing help to a swimmer must be over 18 years old on the date of the competition.
Registration fee
It is established by the organizers in accordance with the regulations and rules described on the competition website.
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Millions of people visit this beautiful city every year because of its rich history, gorgeous architecture and many attractions. The main museum of the city is The State Hermitage Museum, which is the largest museum in Europe. Another large and frequently visited museum in St. Petersburg is The State Russian Museum. It contains the largest collection of Russian art: paintings, sculptures, objects of Arts and Crafts and folk art. In addition, in St. Petersburg there are many (more than two hundred) interesting and informative museums.
The architectural landmarks of St. Petersburg are: the Peter and Paul Fortress, The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, St. Isaac's and Kazan Cathedrals, the Alexander Nevsky Lavra and other creations of architects of the past. Some architectural sights can be found in the suburbs, such as Peterhof, Pavlovsk, Tsarskoe Selo. In the summer, there are numerous festivals held in the city: music, theater, dance and others. From the second half of May to August, St. Petersburg surprises its guests with white nights. Come to Petersburg to join the culture and make a sporting achievement!