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About Night Swim Marathon
It all started in 2017
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On May 27-28, 2017, the first 24-hour swimming marathon Swim24 took place in Russia, in which athletes took part in an equally difficult 6-hour night swim.

Professional and amateur swimmers from Russia and neighboring countries, as well as a representative of the para-athletic movement, took part in the starts.

This start was a huge step in the development of marathon swimming in Russia and opened up the opportunity for swimmers to make long swims not only in open water, but also within the pool.

From 2022, night swimming marathons will also host participants in open water.
The record for the night swim among men belongs to Shkolin Valery (Vyborg) - 25.3 km (2018), among women - Trubkovich Diana (Moscow) - 21.7 km (2020).

From 2022, swimmers will be able to take part
in the Open Water Night Swimming Marathon
The Night Swim Marathon swim is carried out in accordance with the requirements and rules established by the organizers. The rules are based on international regulations and the personal experience of the organizers. The organizers recommend paying attention to a number of points that must be observed.
Algorithm of actions for participation in the swim
1. Be sure that the physical form by the start date will be sufficient to successfully overcome the chosen distance.
2. Complete the registration by filling out the form on the website (menu item "Book a date" or "Registration" on the swim page).
4. Prepare in accordance with the chosen discipline.
5. Arrive on time at the appointed time with all the necessary equipment and documents.
6. Start.
7. Finish.
Place and dates
1. The swim is conducted in two formats - 6 hours and 2 hours.
2. 12.12.2021. St. Petersburg, Fitness 24. Soldata Korzun, 1, bldg. 2
3. The dates and venue of the Competition can be changed by the organizers, but no later than 3 days before the start.
Fundamental rules
1. The swim is carried out in the categories Night swim (6 hours) and Night sprint (2 hours).

2. Athletes and amateurs who have passed a medical examination and received permission from a doctor who have turned 18 on the day of the competition are allowed to participate in the competition. All persons under the age of 18 are allowed to participate with the written permission of parents and in their presence, subject to training in a sports school for water sports. The ratio of men and women is not regulated.

3. Forbidden to use
- warming ointments
- audio headphones and other playback media
- wetsuits, neoprene clothing items, and other swimming aids.

4. The compulsory admission requirements for participants to participate include the ability to swim (2'45 "at 100m and faster), as well as the presence of a support team for 6 hours at night, whose duties include ensuring the safety of the participant, as well as other escort functions.

5. It is possible to stop near the side in the water for up to 1 minute, more than 1 minute it is necessary to leave the water to avoid interfering with other swimmers.

6. The swim is not part of the series and is a qualification for the marathon and super-marathon distances of the Grand Swim Series.

7. The swimmer (s) must not receive outside assistance in the pool.

8. The swimmer (s) must have a passport or other document confirming the identity of the participant, as well as an up-to-date medical certificate. This can be a certificate on the organizer's form, signed by a doctor, who must check all the health indicators indicated on the form. You can also issue a certificate in the form of a medical institution with the obligatory indication "certificate for participation in swimming competitions at a distance of 5 km or more."

9. The consumption of any type of stimulant before and during the competition is completely prohibited. In such cases, covering the distance will not be counted. The use of approved food additives prepared by the athlete himself is allowed.

10. The insurance policy must cover the date of the competition.

11. The swimmer or at least one person from the support team (or an accompanying person) must be fluent in Russian or English.

12. Participants are assigned to the lanes in accordance with the announced speeds. The start of the swim follows the start mass rule. In case of discrepancy between the real speed and the declared one, more than 30 seconds per 100 meters, the participant may be disqualified.

13. The result is determined by the longest distance shown that the competitor covered. In case of equality of the covered distance in determining the championship of two or more participants, the participant with an older age gets the advantage.

14. Protests about violation of the rules by other participants are considered by GSK within 2 hours after the onset of the subject of the dispute. The cost of filing a protest is 1,000 rubles. RUB (for any outcome of the issue being resolved, the amount is not refundable). Protests of disagreement with the results protocol are considered before the close of the competition.

15. Awarded for athletes who took 1-3 places in the individual program.

16. All participants who have finished in the chosen discipline are given certificates of the participant of the competition, as well as the medal of the participant.

17. Winners and prize-winners of the competition, who did not go to the awards without a good reason, are deprived of awards and certificates (diplomas).
Organizational fee
1.1 Night swim (6 hours) - slots 1-9 - 8,000 rubles, slots 10-19 - 9,000 rubles, slots 20-29 - 10,000 rubles, slots 30-39 - 11,000 rubles.
1.2 Night swim (2 hours) - slots 1-9 - 4,000 rubles, slots 10-19 - 4,500 rubles, slots 20-29 - 5,000 rubles, slots 30-39 - 6,000 rubles.
2. The organizational fee includes participation in the swim, a finisher's package in case of successful overcoming the distance, other prizes, souvenirs, gifts, photo videos at the discretion of the organizers. The organizational fee can be increased 30 and 14 days before the start.
3. The organizational fee does not include food and equipment for the start of the athlete, insurance.
Return conditions
Set by the organizers in accordance with the regulations and rules described on the website in the rules section.
Responsibility of the parties
The organizers are not responsible for any incident or accident that may happen to the swimmer. The consequences of any accident will be covered by the competitors' insurance. The organizers undertake the obligation to organize and control overcoming the distance. The swimmer must fill out the "Consent to Responsibility", thereby pledging to comply with the requirements and agreeing to the rules set by the organizers. Violation or failure to comply with such requirements may result in a ban on the start or become a reason to consider the result invalid.

All persons providing assistance to the swimmer must be over 18 years of age at the date of the competition.
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