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35 km across the Baltic Sea from a huge platform to a lighthouse
The swim, which runs across the open Baltic Sea from the Oil Production Platform, to which not everyone has access, to the lighthouse, where the waves of 1 meter are light calm and only the hope of a favorable wind will warm the participants against the background of extraordinary natural beauty. A test for prepared, ambitious swimmers who are ready to jump into the water and swim towards the coast for 35 km with all the difficulties and unpredictable conditions of the Baltic.
Briefly about the swim
The most unpredictable marathon swim in Russia from the Grand Swim Series
July 25-27, 2022
September 9-11, 2022
35 km. Currents, waves, wind, motion sickness
6 solo swimmers and relays in 1 season
Entry fee
Solo from RUB 120 000
Relay from RUB 130 000
35 km across the open Baltic from the platform to the Lighthouse
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Representatives of the cities took part in the MayakRace swim:
St. Petersburg, Moscow, Orsha (Belarus), Nizhny Novgorod, Kaliningrad.
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