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About ValaamRace
It all began in 2018
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the history
The story of VALAAMRACE began in 2018, when the first swimmers took part in the test swim. On that year, within the VALAAMRACE project, 4 solo swimmers finished. The story is just beginning, and every marathon swimmer has a chance to become a legend!
the rules
VALAAMRACE is carried out in accordance with the requirements and rules set by the organizers. Rules are based on international regulations. The organizers recommend to pay attention to a number of points that must be observed before the swim and during it. Therefore, we ask you to read carefully the instructions below.
Hydrometeorological description of the swim
The distance between the start and the finish is 20 km at the shortcut.

ValaamRace is held during the period July-August. From the second half of July to the end of August, the water temperature can reach 16-20 degrees, sometimes the water warms up to 21-22 degrees. But in terms of weather, the region is complex and unpredictable. Wind can raise cold water layers, and water may be several degrees lower.

During the swim, there may be head tide due to headwinds, and the speed of the swimmers may decrease. Water for a swim is chosen, as a rule, calm, but quickly coming winds can raise a high wave. Closer to Valaam, the head tide may intensify. Weather conditions for the swim are assessed by the organizers using forecasts from several sources and reported to swimmers on the eve of the start.

There can also be such a weather, in which no swims are held, yachts do not go out to water area. In this case, you will have to wait for the weather to get better, which may take several days, or, on the contrary, shift the start a few days ahead until the storm has come. Dear non-resident participants! Mind that the swim may take a few days. Dear participants from Petersburg! Get ready to ask for a day off at work.

According to weather conditions, the swim can begin (and end) at any time. Security first and foremost, and the organizers are pursuing your interests only as the second priority.
Basic rules of ValaamRace
1. The swim is held in the categories of Solo (1 swimmer), Double Team (relay race, 2 participants), Triple Team (relay race, 3 participants)

2. The distance is 20 km from the start (Putsaari island, 61.495597, 30.608792) to the finish (Valaam, 61.398848, 30.927993)

3. It is forbidden to use
- warming ointments
- audio headphones and other playing media.

4. Swim is regarded as successfully completed when the swimmer has reached a natural point on the coast of Valaam. If, due to weather conditions, touching the coast is not possible, but the distance covered is considered sufficient to count the swim, the escort boat should be touched (it is possible in exceptional cases at the discretion of the organizers).
Registration fee (solo)
1. 70 000 russian rubles

2. +40% to the registration fee - the cost for each additional swimmer when participating in one swim if accompanied by one team (no more than 4 participants in one swim).

3. To book the date of the swim, the participant must pay the amount of the organization fee.

4. The registration fee includes the swim time of 9 hours from the moment of start, boat rental, captain work, transfer back to the start point, a finisher package in case of successful overcoming of the distance.

5. For each swim hour after 9 hours from the start, the participant will have to make an additional contribution of 6 000 russian rubles per 1 hour.

6. The registration fee does not include food and equipment for the start of the swimmer, insurance.
Registration fee (team, 2 participants)
1. 80 000 russian rubles

Paragraphs 2–6 are equal to those in the "Registration fee (solo)" section.
Registration fee (team, 3 participants)
1. 90 000 russian rubles

Paragraphs 2–6 are equal to those in the "Registration fee (solo)" section.
The name "Valaam" is translated from Finnish as "high land." Some places on earth look like they are supposed to remind you of the original harmony of being. Often they are separated from the surrounding world by a natural boundary. In Russia, one of such places was and remains Valaam - an archipelago in Lake Ladoga with The Valaam Monastery located on it.
Valaam is a unique combination of amazingly beautiful nature, harsh northern landscape, Russian architecture, orthodox monastic culture.
Today, thousands of people come to Valaam every year - tourists, admirers of nature, artists, restorers and, in recent years, pilgrims striving to touch the life-giving source of the Orthodox Faith. St. Ignatius (Bryanchaninov) wrote: "Valaam, on which you see granite ledges and high mountains, will become for you a step towards paradise, that spiritual height from which the passing to heaven is so convenient."
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